Automatic writing

An Angelic Guidance

An inward journey is perhaps the longest journey that very few decide to undertake or decide to proceed. For most people the entire lifetime is spent acquiring wealth, material goods and meeting family needs. Having achieved this much then suddenly the time comes for us to move on.

The final destination is just that One, there are no signboards on the road to spirituality and yet there is no darkness either - the Divine Light shines on and an unknown hand guides a sincere seeker.

Working as a schoolteacher in New Delhi, my journey started in 1995, when many questions started rising in my mind about myself and my family. After visiting many astrologers for answers, I finally was guided to learn Reiki by my mother and to a Reiki master by a student. After that there was no looking back. The Universal Life Force energy of Unconditional Love slowly unfolded the petals of my inner self and created an unquenched thirst to learn more. I learnt Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, Sidhi in Healing, Sudarshan Kriya, and read lots of new age books that guided me in a fascinating way. It became an everyday experience to feel a subtle angelic presence even as I was busy in the routine mundane affairs It was one such lazy, passive scribbling that amazed me. Yes! It was some other force that was moving my pen. With perseverance and faith, I developed the art of Automatic Writing, maybe I should say I was the chosen one, to whom this was a divine gift for me. Now I use it to help others and as a tool for healing

A bank employee in Bhilwara, rang up for help to locate his lockers keys that had been misplaced. I was content when he rang back after a few days to say that he had found them "near a container of water in the garden" as had come in the writing! The angelic guidance helps in many aspects of life such as promotions, transfers, success in exams, court cases, interviews, marriage, match making, healing diseases, obsessive habits, to choose a therapy, the number of sittings etc and in a rare case even death. A patient, suffering from liver cancer, who had been declared as "terminal" by Apollo hospital, turned to Reiki as the last resort. When I did writing for him, I got the message that Archangel Azreal (this Archangel helps souls who are making their transition) was in the room. Twenty four hours later he was declared “dead” by the doctors. This helped relatives to make their plane bookings, other leave arrangements, etc

Many times we stand at crossroads of life, unable to make a decision. Angelic guidance can show the way

Scientists have explored the space, sent up satellites and spaceships to study the Earth, its natural satellite the Moon and the planets, the latest being Mercury. All this work has been done in the last few decades but in the next decade the focus is going to be the study of the human brain and the working of the mind. We do know that the human mind is very complex, we have a thinking mind, a conscious mind, a subconscious mind (where memories of the past and even past lives are stored). and a cosmic mind (which takes us into other galaxies and universes). Therefore the mind is not restricted to this body but can but can access to all information, past, present and future, in this dimension and other dimensions. It just about how we put our mind to work! Remember it were the sages Sushrut and Charak to whom the entire knowledge of Ayurved was given, just as the Archangel Gabriel revealed the Koran to Mohamed

It helps to be pure. This can be achieved by chanting mantras, using crystals and being of service to society and other ways. Teachers and healers have a high frequency as they are doing a service, and they work their karma faster than others. since thousands of people on earth keep on chanting (vibrating) to be with the Divine (at any particular time) so we must choose a time when there are few people chanting. Chants and prayers taken from the ancient languages such as Chinese, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Egyptian to name a few have their vibration going upwards while from other languages, spread sideways. So working with angels, healing with angels requires some amount of purity and a high vibration of our cells, molecules and electrons. Being a vegetarian also helps because we have less karmic load to work off. Anyone can contact angels; they are always around us and waiting to be called for help in any area of our lives.