About Us

I started my journey into metaphysics and healing in 1995. It was my mother, who lived in a small town Deolali near Nasik, who told me to learn Reiki because "it was very good". Little did I know at that time that I would be there with her after 4 years when she was dying of cancer to help her, to give her comfort with Reiki when the pain was unbearable? Maybe her soul knew that I would have the emotion to give her healing and help her to leave her body.

Anyway, then I went on to learn Karuna Reiki, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, Art Of Living (Basic Course) Sidhi in Healing, Crystal Healing, Pyramids, Dowsing, Angelic Healing, After seeing the miracles that were happening all around me, my husband Gurinder also joined me in learning all these techniques of healing. During the healings and meditations I have been blessed with two divine gifts, one is of internal vision that is I can see within a client’s body and see where the block of energy is. It appears in different colours and always tallies with Ultrasound or X-ray or CAT scan reports. Many times clients will come to me first to ask for my internal vision scan and then go the laboratory for the usual test by instruments. The other divine gift is that I have been able to contact my guardian angel whose name is Michael who appears when I invoke him and gives me messages in writing i.e., by moving my pen. Once Angel Michael has taken the pen in his hand the angle of the pen changes and I have no control of the pen after that..! Angel Michael answers questions that I ask or my client may ask. I like to call this process 'Automatic Writing”, a page on this has been included in this website.